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Collection Day Timetable

Garbage and Recyclables Collection Day Timetable

Separate your garbage carefully and dispose of it before 8:30 a.m. in the desighated area on the appropriate collectin day.

Reduce Trash! Follow the 5-R slogan:

Avoid accepting items that will become unnecessary trash!

Work to generate less trash!

Take care to get repeated use out of things!

Repair items for longer use!

Separate materials properly so that they can be recycled!

Further Information

Miyazaki City Call Center

TEL 25-2111

Office Hours:

Mon - Fri (except on national holidays) 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Contact for matters relating to:

  • Garbage separation and collection dates
  • Requests to have bulk garbage collected
  • The disposal of animal corpses found on the roadside etc.

※Aside from inquiries concerning garbage disposal, the Miyazaki City Call
Center also responds to inquiries relating to city services.

Disposal of Animal Corpses:

The remains of diseased pets (dogs, cats, etc.)can be disposed of at
Eco Clean Plaza Miyazaki (TEL 30-6511)
(Please inquire about fees)

All other inquiries regarding garbage disposal:

Environmental Affairs Division TEL 21-1762
South Office(Furujo-cho) TEL 51-2052
East Office (Shinbeppu-cho) TEL 23-3298

Direct Disposal of Household Trash (disposal fee required)

※PCs and appliances that fall under the Home Appliance Recycling Act (air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, freezers, dryers, washing machines) are not collected.

Eco Clean Plaza Miyazaki TEL 30-6511
6176-1 Azakuratani, Osemachi, Oaza, Miyazaki City


For the disposal of old paper and clothes (no fee required)

Call Miyazaki Seishi Kumiai
(Paper Making Union) TEL 39-2110
※ From now, used paper and old clothes can also be disposed of directly at Eco Clean Plaza Miyazaki.

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