Parenting and Education(子育て・教育)

Pregnancy and Childbirth

1 If you find out that you are pregnant

If you find out that you are pregnant, see an obstetrician as soon as possible.
If you are registered as a resident in Miyazaki City and have been diagnosed as pregnant at a medical institution, you should submit a Pregnancy Notification immediately. We will issue a “Parent and Child Health Handbook” and “Aid Tickets for Pregnant Woman’s Health Checkups.”

[What is the Parent and Child Health Handbook (Maternal and Child Health Handbook)?]

The handbook is designed to record the health status of the mother and child during pregnancy and at and after childbirth. It is also required for health checkups and vaccinations. It is also available in foreign languages.

(1) Items required to submit the Pregnancy Notification

A. Identity verification document (Residence (“Zairyu”) Card, Permanent Resident Certificate, or Driver's License)

B. Individual Number (My Number) verification document

C. Pregnancy Notification (issued by the medical institution)

(2) Notifier

A. Pregnant woman

B. The spouse (partner) or a family member can also make a notification.
* If the pregnant woman cannot make notification.

(3) Notification destination

  • North Prenatal and Postnatal Support Room (5th floor of Miyazaki City Hall) TEL:0985-40-1436
  • South Prenatal and Postnatal Support Room (1st floor of Kiyotake General Branch Office) TEL:0985-85-1137
  • Miyazaki General Health and Welfare Center TEL:0985-52-1506
  • Sadowara Health Center TEL:0985-73-1115
  • Tano Health Center TEL:0985-86-0117
  • Takaoka Health and Welfare Center (Bokuenkan) TEL:0985-82-5294

[What are the Aid Tickets for Pregnant Woman’s Health Checkups?]

These tickets are issued together with the Parent and Child Health Handbook for the purpose of early detection of abnormalities during pregnancy. You can receive subsidies for pregnant women's health checkups conducted at medical institutions in the prefecture. You should receive health checkups at the right time under the guidance of your doctor.

2 Submission of Birth Notification

When a child is born, you must submit a “Birth Notification” to the Citizens’ Section at the City Hall within 14 days.

(1) Items required to submit the Birth Notification

A. Birth Notification (one copy)
* The one handed over at the hospital, etc., with the signature of the notifier affixed.

B. Parent and Child Health Handbook

(2) Notifier

Father or mother of the child

(3) Notification destination

City Hall building, general branch, detached office, or regional center

(4) Notification period

Within 14 days from the date of birth of the child

3 Acquisition of status of residence

A child born to parents with foreign nationality does not have Japanese nationality. If you intend to stay in Japan with your child, you need to acquire a status of residence for him/her.

[Consultation counter]

Miyazaki Branch Office, Fukuoka Regional Immigration Bureau
Address:2nd floor Miyazaki Homu Sogo Chosha, 1-1 Beppucho, Miyazaki-City

Before filing a birth notification to your country where your child has nationality, you should check necessary documents with the embassy or consulate.

4 Lump-sum Birth Allowance

When a person enrolled in the National Health Insurance gives birth, a Lump-sum Birth Allowance will be paid at the request of the head of the household.
As a general rule, it is paid under the Direct Payment System.

[What is the Direct Payment System?]

A system in which the Lump-sum Birth Allowance is directly paid to the medical institution at which you gave birth. So, the family with a child birth has to pay the medical institution the amount of the childbirth cost that exceeds the Lump-sum Birth Allowance.

(Inquiries) ※Japanese only

Content of inquiry Inquiries
If you find out that you are pregnant Child Development and Support Agency Children and Families Support Division
TEL:0985-73-8200 [email protected]
Submission of Birth Notification Department of Regional Development Citizens Registration Management Division
TEL:0985-21-1752 [email protected]
Lump-sum Birth Allowance

Finance Department National Insurance and Pension Division

TEL:0985-21-1745 [email protected]
Call Center

(a representative)


Reception hours: 8:00 am to 5:15 pm (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays)
Please be careful not to call the wrong phone number

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