Miyazaki City Living Guide(生活ガイド)
HOMEMiyazaki City Living Guide(生活ガイド)Miyazaki City Living Guide (full version)(生活ガイド(詳細版))

Miyazaki City Living Guide (full version)(生活ガイド(詳細版))

Miyazaki City Living Guide (full version)


1 Reporting Emergencies

2 Disaster Preparedness

3 Notifications

4  Insurance and Pension

5 Taxes

6  Childbirth and Childcare

7 Education

8 Healthcare and Wellness

9 Daily Life (Trash Disposal, Work, Learning Japanese)

Guide to Everyday Living in Miyazaki City (full version) (PDF 3.85MB)

1 Reporting Emergencies (PDF 95.5KB)

 〇 Fire & Medical Emergencies

 〇 Accidents & Incidents

 〇 Things to Note When Making a Report


2 Disaster Preparedness (PDF 1.27MB)

 〇 Mental Preparedness for Disasters




 〇 Gathering Disaster Information

 ・Miyazaki City Disaster E-mail

 ・Miyazaki City Multilingual Disaster Call Center

 ・Miyazaki City Foreign Language Website

 ・Other Useful Pages & Apps

 〇 Evacuating from Disasters

 ・Alert Level

 ・About Shelters

 ・Preparing Necessary Items for Disasters


3 Notifications (PDF 252KB)

 〇 City Hall and General Branch Offices

 〇 Various Notifications

 〇 Moving

 〇 Various Certificates

 〇 Documents Required for Verifying Identity

 〇 Individual Number (My Number)

 ・What is an Individual Number?

 ・Applying for an Individual Number Card

 ・For Those Who Already Have an Individual Number Card


4 Insurance and Pension (PDF 122KB)

〇 National Health Insurance

・When Joining or Leaving National Health Insurance

・National Health Insurance Tax

〇 Medical Care System for Elderly in Latter Stage of Life

〇 National Pension

・What is the National Pension?

・Types of National Pension you will enroll in and how to pay the insurance premiums

・For those who find it difficult to pay the premiums

・Lump-sum withdrawal for short-term foreign residents


5 Taxes (PDF 295KB)

〇 How to Pay City Taxes

〇 City and Prefecture Taxes

・Who Should Pay

・Tax Amount

・Declaring Tax

〇 Light Motor Vehicle Tax

・Who Should Pay


・Registration, de-registration, and ownership transfer procedures for light vehicles

〇 Property Tax

・Who Should Pay

・How It's Calculated

〇 Urban Planning Tax

・Who Should Pay

・How It's Calculated

〇 Proof of City Tax

・If you require proof of city tax

・Certificate types and fees


6 Childbirth and Childcare (PDF 118KB)

〇 When You Find Out You're Pregnant

・Parent and child health handbook (maternal and child health handbook)

・Support for Pregnant Women

〇 Giving Birth

・Submission of Notification of Birth

・Obtaining Residency Status

・Lump-sum Childbirth and Childcare Allowance

〇 Children's Health

・Health Examinations


・Medical Expense Subsidies

〇 Support for Raising Children

・Consultations on Raising Children

・Childrearing Allowance

〇 Childcare Facilities (Nurseries, Kindergartens, etc.)


7 Education (PDF 423KB)

〇 School Guide, Enrollment, Transfer

・Entering School [Enrollment Procedures]

・When Moving [Transfer Procedures]


〇 Educational Support

〇 Miyazaki City Hinata Junior High School (Public Night School)

・What is a night school?

・Miyazaki City Hinata Junior High School



8 Healthcare and Wellness (PDF 348KB)

〇 Finding a Hospital

・Miyazaki Medical Navi

・Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Medical Guide

〇 Going to the Hospital

・Consultation Hours

・Things to Bring

・Medical Handbook

・Payment at the Hospital


・In Case of Emergency

・AMDA International Medical Information Center

・For Illness at Night

〇 Health Information


9 Daily Life (Trash Disposal,Work,Learning Japanese) (PDF 1.22MB)

〇 How to Dispose of Household Waste

・The garbage sorting app "Three R" is very convenient! (Japanese: さんあ~る)

・Basic Rules for Garbage Disposal in Miyazaki City

・How to Dispose of Garbage

〇 Bicycles and Parking Lots

・Traffic Rules for Bicycles

・Using Bicycle Parking Areas / Relocation of Abandoned Bicycles

・Returning Abandoned Bicycles

〇 Job Consultation and Employment Referral

・Hello Work

・Supporting Employment/Recruitment of Foreign Students!

・Employment & Labor

・Miyazaki Labor Bureau General Labor Consultation Corner

・Hiring Foreign Workers

〇 International Exchange

・Miyazaki City International Association

・Miyazaki International Foundation

・Places of Support if Trouble Arises

〇 Learning Japanese

・Miyazaki City International Association

・Courses at Miyazaki International Foundation

・Connect and Enhance Your Life in Japanese (Tsunahiro))

〇 Immigration Information Center



Call Center

(a representative)


Reception hours: 8:00 am to 5:15 pm (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays)
Please be careful not to call the wrong phone number

1-1-1 Tachibanadori-Nishi Miyazaki City, 880-8505

Access / Miyazaki City Hall Directory