HOMENews(新着情報)"Guide to Everyday Living in Miyazaki City" for Foreign Residents!

"Guide to Everyday Living in Miyazaki City" for Foreign Residents!

A "Guide to Everyday Living in Miyazaki City" for foreign residents to quickly obtain important information has been created.

The guides are in English, Chinese (Simplied), Korean, and Vietnamese, and all include Easy Japanese.

The "Guide to Everyday Living" will be distributed at the Citizens Registration Management Division and General Branch Offices during moving-in procedures.

In addition to the digital version and video, there is a full version with more detailed information. Please use the guide if you have any troubles with your daily life in Miyazaki City.


【Guide to Everyday Living (Digital Version)】(4 Languages)
  *All versions have Easy Japanese included.

【Video】(4 Languages & Easy Japanese)
 The videos introduce content in the "Guide to Everyday Living."

【Guide to Everyday Living (Full Version)】
 For more detailed information.

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